How to make your home look like a million bucks (for so much less)

If you flip through home decor magazines with envy, wondering how you can ever pull off stuff polished and stylish looks in your own home, wonder no more. A few simple steps can get your home open-house ready in no time, even if selling is nowhere in your future. 

Keep it clean and clutter free

Everything in the space has to have a purpose and a place. Tidying up after a hosting event or a few minutes daily can make all the difference. Have ample storage solutions such as a sideboard or dresser to hide and tuck things away. You can also add baskets, decorative bowls, boxes or bins to hide the clutter. Once you have edited, make sure you purposefully style them in a design manner. Keep out pieces that you enjoy at the moment and feel free to rearrange every few months to keep your space feeling fresh! 

Add flowers and greenery to every room of your home

They can add elegance and aroma to any room. Scent is one of our most powerful senses - we can smell beauty before we even see it. Although weekly flowers can be pricey think of adding fake plants or a nicely scented candle. 

Play with metals and marble

When we think of luxury we think of shimmer and a little sparkle. Reflective surfaces add that touch of “WOW” to any space. Brass, chrome, rose gold - don’t be afraid to mix metals. Think of your space as a little black dress and adding beautiful jewellery can glamourize something basic. Metal accessories can elevate almost any space.  We can’t all afford a marble counter top, so opt for smaller pieces such as a side table or cheese tray! 

Make that artwork - work! 

Art is a must have for any space. Most people can be intimidated of custom art because it can be quite expensive. Find inexpensive art with local artists, thrift stores, friends etc. And then get it framed. The framing makes all the difference and can really make a $10 piece “POP”!


Nothing gives off a more custom vibe than freshly painted neutral walls. Everything will stand out with a neutral base and accessories will really pop in contrast. I like to keep it light and airy - especially in a small space. Think of your home like a designer showroom where the pieces in the room are the focal point.  This one is Dulux Prarie Light. 

For even more inspiration, check out the pieces that I featured in the video:

Leather sofa; $2699 at EQ3  |  Rug; $799 at EQ3  |  Lounge chair; $1249 at EQ3  |  Picture frames; $34.99 at EQ3  |  Ynes end table; $299 at EQ3  | Sage end table; $379 at EQ3  |  Coffee table; $249 at Ikea  |  6-drawer dresser; $199 at Ikea  |  Drawer pulls; $14.99 at Ikea  |  Pendant light; $629 at Mobilia  |  Decorative wood object; $299 at Mobilia  |  Decorative vase; $149 at Ikea  |  Blush pink velvet pillow covers; $41.95 at Tonic Living  |  Printed pillow cover; $41.95 at Tonic Living  |  Cream and gold pillow cover; $51.95 at Tonic Living  |  Pink and white pillow cover; $59.95 at Tonic Living  | Paint colour is Prarie Light from Dulux