How to incorporate wellness into your home through design

When you think of your home, it should be a place of comfort, peace and relaxation. However, life can get in the way causing your home to be a mess or become a stressful environment. Designer Julia Black is here to show us how to incorporate wellness back into the rooms you often spend the most time in, your family room and kitchen. 

Family room

Wall Colour, First Kiss DLX1017-2 via Dulux | Chaise Lounge, $510 via IKEA |  Toss Cushions, $75 via EQ3 | Fika Tray, $25 via EQ3 | Botra Tea Set $99.99 via EQ3 | Botra Mug, $9.99 via EQ3 | Fladis Basket, $15 via IKEA | Sisley Baskets, $30-40 via EQ3 | Terrain Nesting Baskets, $50 via EQ3 | Art Work, $50/2pk via IKEA | Water Carafe, $25 via EQ3 | Plant Stand, $40 via IKEA | Plants, $9.99 via IKEA | Floor Lamp, $350 via EQ3 | Side Table, $350 via EQ3 | Mirror, $50 via IKEA | Throw, toss cushions, carpet, candles, diffuser via Home Sense | Exercise equipment via Winners/Marshalls | Candles, books, journal via Indigo | Essential oils via Thursday Plantation/experts 


Wall colour, Lazy Afternoon DLX1007-5 via Dulux | Island, $140 via IKEA | Storage Basket, $19.99 via IKEA | Wire Basket, $12.99 via IKEA | Tea Towel Hooks, $3.99/pk via IKEA | Wall Shelf, $39.99 via IKEA | Plate Shelf, $99 via IKEA | Frying Pan, $44.99 via IKEA | Vase, $15 via EQ3 | Utensils, $2.99 via IKEA | Blender, cleaners via HomeSense | Smoothie ingredients via expert