How to get the modern farmhouse look when you're on a budget

The modern farmhouse look is very on trend and definitely achievable even if you're on a budget! Designer Michael Penney is here to show us five different ways you can get this beautiful look in your home.

  1. Adding an Antique Trellis to your wall is a cost-effective way to give your space a farmhouse look, plus it’s easy to hang! (from Harvest Antiques)
  2. The IKEA EKTORP Sofa is only $569 and it comes with a range of slipcover options. Buy a white one and you can always switch it out!
  3. Get the look of a perfectly weathered designer coffee table by finding an old rectangular baker’s table at a flea market or antique stall (from Harvest Antiques). These tables look like little kitchen tables that are oddly too short to sit at with a chair.  I love to take the legs and cut down to coffee table height.  It gives you all the patina and age but costs much less!
  4. Pillows in perfectly faded Ralph Lauren-like fabrics capture the modern farm house look.  Cut up old fabric or bed sheets from thrift shops and use a piece of linen on the back.  Sew it into a shabby chic pillow for the sofa.
  5. Collect candle sticks from yard sales and thrift shops and spray paint them matte black.  Add white pillar candles and it gives a chic accent to a farm house room.

Other products featured in this segment: LOHALS Rug, $169 via IKEA | All remaining furniture and accessories from Penney & Co.