How to get a high-end look in your home with consignment items

You don't have to buy brand new decor and furniture if you want to get a high-end look. Instead, shopping at a consignment is a great option. Interior designers Jonathan Mann and Julia Tuitt are here to share their tips on how you can shop consignment and get a luxurious look at the same time. 

The following products were featured in this sement:

Arm Chair, $915 via Elte MKT | Coffee Table, $1105 via Elte MKT | Pull Up Table, $1755 via Elte MKT | Rectangle Tray, $95 via Elte MKT | Stripe Throw, $176 via Elte MKT | End Table, $625 via Elte MKT | Black Accent Table, $1165 via Elte MKT | Bead Chandelier, $3375 via Elte MKT | Silver Candle, $105 via Elte MKT

All other furniture is from A Changing Nest and HomeSense