We transformed one woman's living room into a gorgeous new space by shopping her own home

Living stylishly at a low-cost is way easier than you think! Some things to think about when designing your space is colour, texture, lighting accents and more. Interior designer Kasia Waloszczyk is here to share what you can do to achieve a high-end look in your home for less, plus a DIY statement wall that will bring it all together!

Featured products:

Jute Rug, $339 via Structube | Floor Lamp, $99 via Structube | Armchair, $299 via Structube | Potted Plant, $149 via Structube | Light Fixture, $69 via Structube | Clear Lightbulb, $6.55 via Structube | Vanna Vases, $26 via Urban Barn | Natural Cotton Throw, $79 via Urban Barn | Macrame Toss 20x20, $59 via Urban Barn | Round Footed Tray, $49 via Urban Barn | Eucalyptus Branch, $16 via Urban Barn | Gunnared Dark Green Sofa, $799 via IKEA | Glass Door Cabinet, $229.00 via IKEA | Coffee Table, $199 via IKEA | Cushion Cover (Green), $9.99 via IKEA | Inner Cushion, $8 via IKEA | Cushion Cover (Light Beige), $9.99 via IKEA | Square Inner Cushion, $8 via IKEA | Cushion Cover (Golden Brown), $9.99 via IKEA | Cushion, $14.99 via IKEA | Banana Fiber Stool, $49.99 via IKEA | Off-white Throw, $29.99 via IKEA | Place Mat, $5.99 via IKEA | Place Mat (Black), $5.99 via IKEA | Place Mat (Natural), $5.99 via IKEA | Seagrass Basket, $14.99 via IKEA | Decoration Cube, $14.99 via IKEA | Decoration Cage, $22.99 via IKEA | Plant Pot, $29.99 via IKEA | Plant Pot (Waterproof), $7.99 via IKEA | Artificial Leaf, $6.99 via IKEA | Artifical Rosemary Plant, $4.99 via IKEA | Spotlight, $9.99 via IKEA | Electronic Transformer, $24 via IKEA | Power Supply Cord, $4.99 via IKEA | Remote Control, $15.99 via IKEA | Box with Lid (3 pack), $14.99 via IKEA | Display Box, $39.99 via IKEA 


DIY Statement Wall 

What you need 

  • Picture Frame / or Canvas
  • Metallic Gold/Silver Spray Paint
  • Faux Green Stems
  • Decorative paper (black or colour of your choice)
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Cut your faux green stems to individual ones.  Lay them out on a protected surface in a well-ventilated area and spray paint them using gold metallic paint.
  2. Remove the glass from your frame to create an open frame picture. 
  3. Cut out some decorative paper as your background and tape or glue it to the back of the picture frame
  4. Take your dry gold leaf/stem and add a few dabs of hot glue on the back.
  5. Stick it on top fo your decorative paper and hang up to enjoy!