How to get the mid-century modern look without paying antique prices

Get the mid-century modern look you've always wanted, without wading through antique shops and flea markets.  Interior decorator Aly Velji shares where to find vintage-inspired pieces with a modern twist, but if you're lucky enough to have the originals, you can use all of his tips in the video to keep your home perfectly balanced with new and old. 

Products below were featured in the segment: 

Muscat Small Primrose via MissPrint Wallpaper | Eaton Wood Buffet, $1099 via Mobilia | Elliot Leather Accent Chair, $799 via Mobilia | Elliot Leather Footstool, $349 via Mobilia | Eger Armchair, $229 via Mobilia | Suffa Table Lamp, $249 via Mobilia | Adel Desk, $399 via Structube | Nelson Saucer Bubble Lamp, $494 via EQ3 | TARBAK Rug, $299 via IKEA | KNOPPANG Frame with Poster, set of 8 via IKEA  | BILD Poster, $14/3 pack via IKEA | BILD Poster, $16/3 pack via IKEA