Eight ways to make your living room look way more expensive than it actually is

We all want to our home to look like it fell out of a magazine, but knowing how to achieve that look without taking out a second mortgage isn't something that comes easily - until now! Thanks to Kasia, she's showing us how she pulled together the ultimate expensive-looking living room for less than $4000 total. That's including all furniture, accessories, and even window treatments. With any luck, you already have some of these elements, so pulling together the perfect room may be easier (and cheaper) than you ever expected! 

Hang large scale artwork

Create a focal point and give your space a "wow" factor by hanging oversized art. Large art instantly gives the space a chic feel with high impact. Hang your art overtop of your layered panel wall for that additional dimension. 

Get art that really pops and makes a statement (talk about the beautiful piece of art from urban barn) 

Add moulding in the same shade as your paint

Add decoratve moulding to your walls. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to give your room a high end look without spending the big bucks. It will instantly add a decorative layer to the space.

We’ve been adding moulding to our walls for many decades – the trend now is to add moulding to your walls that runs the entire length of the wall, it gives the room a grander feel without having the chair rail break it up. 

Also, colour – coulour plays a huge factor in making a space look stylish and expansive, whites are really dominant and make the room look clean and sharp, plus it allows your furniture to really pop against the white background – paint the decorative moulding the same colour as your wall for that sophisticated elegant look.

Opt for an oversized rug

Going big also applies to your rug – opt for an oversized rug. Not only will that make your room appear larger by grounding the space but it will also add luxury to the room by having an oversized rug in the room.  Your rug can have subtle pattern in with colour to tie everything in together.

Consider the shape of your furnture

The key thing is to work with pieces that look expensive. Having a look at the sofa – this sofa looks expansive because of its curved lines and tufted details. Tufted curvy sofas instantly add depth and interest to a room making it appear more high-end.  This sofa adds more interest then a plain sofa would and it only runs for $799. 

The same applies to the coffee table and end tables – opting for furniture that has movement like the metal crisscross legs + marble top.  These pieces again look high end but are actually very affordable.

Trick the eye with drapery

A keep point to a sophisticated and luxurious feel is making sure your drapery touches the ground. This is a huge mistake that people often make and that's buying drapery that is far too short for their space. 

84" panels should be substituted with 96" (at minimum) – this will allow you to hang your drapery higher giving your room a grander appearance while still having the bottom hem touch or even puddle on the floor. There is nothing worse then short drapery that exposes the baseboards. 

Mix textures

Also, look for luscious textures such as velvet which i what i used for the drapery – it has a luxurious feel.  As well as these beautiful angora pillows, faux linen textiles on the furniture – bring forth texture and elegance

Add metalic surfaces

Add some metallic surfaces to help inject that luxe feel; lighting, mirror, accessories (vintage silver and gold.  Linen textiles mixed with velvet and silk)

Play with lighting

Lighting also plays a big role in creating a gorgeous space. Sconces on the wall add a level of luxury, chandelier/statement light fixture, table lamps. Add dimmers to your space – dimmers always make a room look more luxurious – everything and everyone looks better under a dim light.

Products featured in the videoDietrich Sofa; $799.00 at Structube  |  Devine Wall Art; $499.00 at Urban Barn (coming to store mid-February)  |  Kassia Rug; $649.00 at Urban Barn  |  Nesta coffee table; $399.00 at Structube  |  Nesta end tables; $139.00 each at Structube  |  Keira Ottomans; $99.00 each at Structube  |  Gem Chair; $299.00 at Structube  |  Cassara table lamps; $99.00 each at Urban Barn  |  Drapery panels; $79.00 each at Urban Barn  | Accessories and pendlant lights from Homesense