Four quick ways to update your space for the holidays

Most people fall into one of two categoies when it comes to holiday decorations: go all out with garlands and lights in every corner and pull out your festive pillows at the stroke of midnight on December first, or  you're someone who puts up a simple tree and calls it a day. Whatever the case may be, we have a few quick and easy ideas to jazz up your space for the holidays with some simple swaps. And even if you're a bit of a Grinch when it comes to the flashiness that is often associated with festive decor, we think there's something for everyone here.

Switch out coffee table books (or wrap books in wrapping paper)

Did you remeber having to do wrap your text books in grade school to protect them for kids coming up behind you? This is kind of like that, but way more chic. Pick a favourite gift wrap - it doesn't have to scream Santa - a simple red plaid or even kraft paper with a ribbon would look great. 

Change up your artwork 

You don't need to completely transform your walls, but if there's one piece you're not too precious about, pull it down for a month and replace it with some framed gift wrap, or print out a more festive photo to put on display. Stock photos and even typography are also great picks.

DIY some holiday pillows 

Reuse your cushion inserts, but replace cushion covers with brighter motifs. You can even transform a simple white pillow cover with iron on transfers of holiday stock photos or graphics!

Whip up a tree skirt

If traditional tree skirts aren't your thing, use some leftover fabric to diy yourself one that better suits your style. It doesn't take much, just a few yards of whatever material speaks to you, and drape it around your tree. Another great alternative is faux sheepskin rugs, if you want a cozy, snowy look!

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