The ultimate list of outdoor products you'll need this fall

There's many ways to prepare for fall and taking care of your home is definitely one of them! Owen Reeves has the ultimate list of products you'll need to get ready for the fall season! 

Pole tree trimmer

With this 12 inch trimmer, you won't need to climb a ladder and risk the chance of hurting yourself! You'll be able to cut brances up to 3.2 cm in diameter and the telescopic fiberglass handle can strech up to 3.7 meters in length.

$64.90 via Garant

Lawn trimmer 

This lawn trimmer is light, comfortable and easy to use! With its low vibration brushless motor, it's quiet enough to use without disturbing your family or neighbours. It'll be so much easier to clean your lawn and it has a intuitive keypad for safe, convienient starting and stopping. 

Trimmer via Husqvarna

Lee Valley leaf packer 

One of the most frustrating things about raking leaves is how quickly they fill a yard bag. This tool will help you push all the leaves down and make more space! It's made of powder-coated steel so you don't have to worry about it breaking. 

$25.90 via Lee Valley

Patio heater

Don't put away your summer patio furniture just yet! These patio heaters are perfect for the fall 

$148 via Home Depot


Hand protection is key, especially as the weather cools down.

Perfect 10 gloves by Watson, $27.95 at Amazon and Overtime gloves by Watson, $29.99 at Mississauga Hardware

Leaf Paws

Hands down the easiest way to pick up raked leaves and get them into your yard waste bags. 

Leaf Paws $14.99 at Lee Valley

Gutter Brush

This is one of the simplest methods for keeping your eavestroughs and downspouts clear. You'll wonder how you lived without it. 

Gutter brush, $49.95 at Lee Valley

Leaf Blower

This multi-purpose blower has an array of attachments that will help clean any area around your home, and a rechargable battery that works with other tools you probably already own. 

Workx 20v sweeper, $169.99 at Canadian Tire

Fire Pit

Keep your outdoor space going as long as possible with this inviting and cozy fire pit.

Rectagular gas fire pit, $599.00 at Lowes

Path Lighting

As our days get shorter, having adequate lighting on pathways is crucial. These solar powered lights as easy to install anywhere. 

Solar LED path lights, $9.49 at Lowes

Table Lamp

Lighting doesn't stop on your paths, and this gorgeous table lamp takes your indoor design outside. 

Outdoor Table Lamp, $29.99 at Canadian Tire