Everything you need to know about vacuum attachments to get the most cleaning power possible

Putting aside how you feel about vacuuming, it still remains one of those chores that simply must get done. So, if you have to do it, let's make sure you're doing it right. And the key to that is knowing what all of the attachments do, and where it's best to use them.

Remember, the more often you vacuum, the easier it is.  We promise!

The Basics

Crevice Cleaner: Use this to deal with spaces like between the floor and baseboards. When you vacuum the floor, the floor attachment does not get corners, so this is great for that

Dusting Brush: This is wonderful for all surfaces because you don't actually touch the object, but the soft bristles protect from scratches. Use this on book shelves, or sculptures etc.

Extension Wand: this is great for places you can't get to easily, for example, you can use this between your kitchen counter and stove, or in the tv cabinet between the tv and cabinet.

Upholstery Brush: This is great for the couch, when you remove pillows and clean underneath, and to actually vacuum the pillows etc.

The Specialty Attachments

Fan Blade Duster: This does not need to be done too often, but the more you do it the easier it is. Every few months is good.

Floor Sweeper: This works great in bathrooms on the tile floor, and on certain rugs, like ones in the dining room, that are short pile.

Power Brush: Perfect for wall to wall carpets and the beater actually helps to collect the dust.

Radiator Brush: If you have radiators in your home, this is a must.

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