Four unique properties that you won't believe are in Canada

When it comes to unique homes, Canada sure has its bases covered! From a rotating house in PEI to a coach house conversion in Leslieville, these properties are far from ordinary and are some of the country's most remarkable homes. 


Rotating_house.jpgEver wonder what it’d be like to stand in the world’s first rotating house? Located in North Rustico, PEI, this incredible property was built in a true winter environment and there is truly nothing mediocre about it! "Around the Sea" was built in 2013, has a diverse range of views and is comprised of a hurricane-resistant Deltec Home. Whether you're itching for views of the harbour, cliffs, the ocean or fields, this property allows you to see it all. Ready to be blown away? The rotation of the home is controlled by an app on an owner's phone! 



Just 2 hours North West of Toronto is where the Treehouse Cabin Retreat stands. With 100 acres of forest and incredible walking trails, this property houses boutique d├ęcor, a pool, hammocks and all that you need for a peaceful getaway. Best of all? It’s available for short-term rental and accommodates 2 to 8 people! Whether you're looking for a city escape or simply want to check out the amazing features, you won't be disappointed by the bedroom loft, the indoor/outdoor dining areas or the beautiful interior. 


Coach_house.pngSituated in the quaint neighbourhood of Leslieville, the Coach House was once a space where horses were kept. The current owner has had the property for around 7 years and has spent a great deal of time restoring and upkeeping the home. Whether you want to sip your morning coffee by the log fire or hang out in the secluded courtyard, this home will give you serenity in the heart of the city! "The Coach House Cottage" is an Airbnb Plus listing and available for nightly rents!


Laneway_house.jpgLaneway housing is a trend that’s continuously growing, especially in Vancouver and Toronto. Built-in 2012 by one of the co-founders of Lanescape, this laneway home in Leslieville has 2 beds, 2 baths and is 1700 sqft. While it was originally a garage used as an illegal apartment, it has been converted into a gorgeous home with 3 skylights over the living room and kitchen.