Four DIY Halloween Projects that are sure to scare your neighbours

If you want to amp up your yard for Halloween, but don't want to look like every other house on the block, take a cue from one of the best and spookiest decortators out there! Chris Ainsworth runs the Thornhill Woods Haunted House right on his own propery, and has been terrifying kids and adults alike for years! Not everything about it is scary though, because his haunted house has a good heart. He donates proceeds to Sick Kids Hospital, so gather up everyone you know and get ready to be spooked for a great cause. The haunted house will be up and running from October 29-31st. 

Now, with Chris's help, transform store-bought decorations with simple DIYs that make them spookier, and even more realistic!


  1. Take three Dollar Store tombstones and cut out slots in the middle tombstone add in pvc piping.
  2. Glue pvc piping and tombstones together with expanding sealant foam.
  3. Secure tombstones with clamps or bamboo skewers until dry.
  4. Shave or sand off extra expanding sealant foam and start to paint tombstones.
  5. Finish off by adding dry moss for that realistic look.
  6. Hammer in two pieces of rebar into the ground and slid your tombstone into the pvc piping.

Spooky Crows 

  1. Go to the dollar stores and buy fake black crows.
  2. Cut two 3' x 2' x 4' pieces of wood and screw the crows using wood deck screws.
  3. Place finished black crows into your eavestrough/gutters.
  4. Now you'll have that alfred hitchcock look.

Witch Broomsticks 

  1. Go out to the forest and find a stick that’s about 6 feet long and 2 inches thick or you can purchase one from a local gardening store.
  2. Purchase decorative branches from a local craft store and tie them around the end of the broom stick with twine rope.

Plastic Pumpkins 

  1. Purchase plastic pumpkins from any craft store.
  2. Paint on acrylic paint to highlight the pumpkin.
  3. Use a wet and then dry piece of paper towel to apply and remove the acrylic paint for an antique/aged look.
  4. Finish off by spraying a clear acrylic matte coating to protect the paint from running if it rains outside.