Why you should re-imagine how you use the rooms in your house

Whether you've got a spare room or simply an unused space, consider if you could repurpose that space to provide a better solution or often compliment and another adjacent space. Like how Ramsin took an unused sunroom and made it into a luxurious bedroom with a stunning view and reused the once small bedroom and transformed it into a stunning walk-in closet. But what do we consider when we are creating a space that is a peaceful sanctuary? The use of colour sets the tone: colour plays a big part in creating a “peaceful sanctuary”. often keeping with lighter tones such as warm greys, light beiges, soft taupe’s and pastel tones keep the mind at ease and offer a more serene environment.

To liven the space, adding hints of colour in your accessories can personalize your sanctuary i.e.: colourful toss pillows, a vibrant area rug, an expressive light fixture wall coverings. The use of wall paper can create texture and dimension- whether it be a heavy pattern or a simple strie, don’t be afraid to express your personal style and individuality. For a more traditional look, venetian plaster applied to the walls can create a smooth cool-to-the touch texture that is timeless and beautiful splurge on great linens and extra toss pillows.

There’s really nothing better than slipping in between a gloriously soft set of sheets after a long day. Of all the items to splurge on in the bedroom, sheets are the way to go- consider thread count (the higher the better) and whether you can wash them.  A good down comforter or down alternative is also a must for a good night's sleep - make sure you're picking one that will offer the warmth you need, one that will last for years and where there is an internal fabric (or quilting) that keeps the fill in place so the warmth is evenly distributed.

Choose a great rug. The first step you take every morning is not something to take lightly; an area rug makes for a nice place to put your feet down- creating warmth and coziness in your sanctuary is so important. Whether you like antique persian rugs, sheepskins or wool, the area rug is just another layer to your space- get creative. Inject your personal style with color and design.

Lighting a beautiful overhead light can be stunning and the jewellery to your bedroom. Sometimes the last thing we want are bright lights in the ‘boudoir’- an appropriate solution is to either put your light fixture on a dimmer or get rid of it altogether. Table lamps are a great accessory and essential for reading in bed, or creating ‘mood’- use low-wattage bulbs and sturdy lampshades to diffuse the light throughout the room for maximum coziness.

Additional furnishings like a bench at the end of the bed is idea for dressing and undressing. A comfy chair is great for occasional seating and or curling up with a book to read.  Window coverings: window coverings are paramount in your bedroom- view or no view. These are accents that not only liven your room, but have purpose. a light billowy sheer drape, allows light to filter in and  creates an ethereal mood  whereas a heavy drapes (like a velvet or woven material) can be used as sound absorption and can

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