The smartest ways to organize your pantry so you'll actually use the items in it

Use glass and/or plastic jar containers for dry good storage 

I like GoodGrip and Mason Jars. I love the simplicity of these transparent containers, and how they inherently keep a pantry (or craft station, or even a medicine cabinet) neat and tidy. the GoodGrip are so awesome because they seal in the freshness and are dishwasher safe. and the glass mason jars are just so classic and practical. 

Use woven baskets for bulky items

For the items more difficult to store in jar containers, such as crackers and chips, canned goods and mixes (e.g. protein powder, soup mixes, etc.) and also your plastic and canvas bags, baskets are a great way to go. I love how a woven basket brings an element of warmth and texture to any place in your home. It’s a nice juxtaposition to the plastic or glass jars in a pantry, and they are so versatile.

Use metal wire baskets for open-air veggies

For some produce that doesn’t need refrigeration (things like onions, gourds and garlic), wire baskets are the perfect, pretty solution. They're also the perfect catch-all for items that gather in your kitchen such as mail, school newsletters, etc. They can be placed inside a pantry, or on a smaller scale, they can be kept on a countertop because they are so attractive and so useful!

Label label label

You'll never have to guess which container has your flour, and which has your oats if they're labelled properly. Chalk board tags and so easy to reuse over and over again and are really a nod to style and the never-ending trend that is chalk-boarding! Hang on to any beautiful papers, gift cards, gift wrap or the like for craft projects, as they are another great way to beautify any label you need! i use these shape cutouts, but you can trace and cut out any shape you’d like and then tie some twine and you’re all set. And always have a white marker on hand. It looks so elegant yet so chic written on a glass or plastic jar, and it too is easy to wipe off and start-over!

Far & Wide collective baskets provide a splash of beauty in any room. These handcrafted baskets have been woven by the hands of women in rural villages in Kenya, reflecting the vibrant colours that are true to their culture. by supporting the crafts sectors in emerging economies, the artisans are empowered with economic opportunities, which is why I love Far & Wide Collective because your bringing something so unique and special into your home that really is making a difference in the world. these can be used for any room as stand-alone storage baskets.