How to update your laundry room so you'll actually want to spend time in there

Our laundry rooms often go un-designed, or are an afterthought when it comes to styling the rest of our homes. But, given the amount of time we spend it there, it's time to look at it in a new light and turn it into a space that's both soothing and functional. 

Have the right storage solutions

Think about using pre-made or custom cabinetry to store items behind closed doors. Use baskets and other vessels to store like items together.

Make the room reflect your personality with paint colour

Don’t be afraid of injecting colour into your space! White is always easy, but why not paint the walls in your favourite shade? Or inject personality with great artwork or accessories. You'll find laundry is less of a chore if you enjoy the space you're in. 

Innovative products can make a world of difference

There are some amazing laundry innovations happening right now. The LG TwinWash system includes a front load washer and the separate LG SIDEKICK pedestal washer, which allows you to wash smaller loads, more often.  If you have a small load that just can’t wait – you can throw it  in! You can use it by itself, or at the same time as your larger load is washing.  Washing two loads at once, mean’s more free time!