Five easy ways to make a small space feel open and inviting

Upgrade the lighting

One the most important things from a sensory experience is lighting. Switch out those builder basic track lights and dome lights for something more attractive. Pick something that is a focal point, something that really “wows” you. We want it to be something that stands out rather than something that blends in. This is where it can really be a great feature regardless of how big or small it is. Also combine overhead lighting, floor lamps and table lamps, to create a different ambient feeling. 


Having a smaller space or a studio, it is very important to keep it monochromatic in colour. Keeping it light and airy will also help spaces feel less crowded. Choosing 1-3 shades of same colour palette will help you keep things neutral and realistically will help a space feel more open. We all want the appearance of more square footage! 


This makes all the difference in making your home feel cozy. Textures help stimulate your senses. Cottons, linens, sheepskins and even things with a soft visual texture adds to the comfort. We are sensory people, therefore we gravitate towards soft, smooth, silky things. Think of your home as one big cozy blanket. 

Furniture choices

In small living quarters, it is best to choose furniture that is double duty. Here I used a dresser as a media unit/sideboard. This allows you to store personal items such a clothing, acts as a spot to display your sentimental things as well as function as a media unit. This is where you can get a bit more creative by choosing something maybe more ornate than you would typically go - or add some  beautiful hardware.


Art helps you express your interests and your taste. It is a reflection of who you are. People who are collectors, people who love colour, or are fond of a certain period in time. It also adds to the uniqueness of the space. Don’t be afraid to switch it up every once in a while, move it around or reframe something from a family member. However, don’t feel the need to fill up every single wall. Some pieces stand better on their own. 

Featured: Flatwoven rug; $149 at Ikea  |  Table; $269 at Ikea  |  Sheepskin rug; $39 at Ikea  |  Round stool; $39 at Ikea  |  all other items from Elte