We taught one woman how to bring some life to her bleak and boring lawn

When it comes to growing the perfect lawn, it's easy to get overwhelmed with even knowing where to start. If you're a new homeowner, or a renter who wants a big impact with little investment, a fresh green lawn is your best bet. Thanks to our outdoor expert Owen Reeves, everyone can have the nicest lawn on the block by following just a few simple steps. Trust us, it's a lot easier than you think!  

Laurel first started the lawn revival process a few weeks ago with Owen's help. He taught her how to overseed, address bare pataches, and how to care for it during the early stages to make sure it has the best chance of sucess. You can watch and learn about the entire process now:

Now that it's the perfect weather in most areas for grass to begin germinating, it's also a great time to add some extra curb appeal. Some colourful plants and a fresh new paint colour on the door can go a long way without breaking the bank. But one thing is clear, spending a little more on top quality grass seed that can withstand the elements heavy traffic is definitely worth the small investment. 

Grass Seeding 101

Quick cleanup

The first thing you need to do is clear out any leaves or debris left behind from the winter. Using any standard rake, clean out everything but the exisiting grass as best you can. This will allow for a better base for your seeds to germinate.


This step isn't crucal, but it definitely doesn't hurt. Using your spreader on the appropriate setting indicated on the bag, lay a thin layer of PRO-MIX Heal & Feed Lawn Fertilizer to help your existing grass grow as bright and fresh as the new seeds that will take hold. Walk your spreader up and down across your entire lawn, and then switch directions by going back and forth across your lawn to ensure you don't miss a spot. If you do want to use fertilizer to get the best results, it's usually a good idea to wait until mid May to start this entire process. 

Add top soil

Now you need to give your grass seeds a soft place to land to help them set up some roots, so to speak. Simply shake some fresh PRO-MIX Organic Lawn Soil all over your lawn. Aim for a fresh layer of soil approximately 1/4 inch think, but if you have bare patches you can add a little extra. Using the back of a rake, grade and spread the soil across your entire lawn into an even layer.

Seed and seed again

Now you're finally ready for your grass seed! Once again, using your spreader on the correct setting, lay PRO-MIX Ultimate All Condition Grass Seed in an up and down, and then back and forth direction to ensure no spots are missed. Once this is complete, add extra seeds by hand around the edges of any sidewalks or walkways as they tend to be the areas that have a harder time to get growing. Once again, use the back of your rake to settle the seeds into your lawn. This will help them grow, but also make it harder to birds and squirrels to eat them before they begin to germinate. 


Rain water is generally the best option to get grass seed to germinate, so if the forecast is on your side just sit back and watch your grass grow. If not, give your lawn a quick spray with your hose to get things going. The goal is to keep your lawn fairly moist, but usually your typical Canadian spring weather will do most of the work for you.

Your seeds will begin to germinate within about a week, and you'll start to see significant growth within a month!