The best pet furniture that looks nice enough for humans

 Outdoor furniture for you and your pet from Pier 1 

Espresso wicker human chair and espresso wicker dog bed with matching deep burnt red cushions. There is an entire patio furniture set to match. It's a great way to elevate dogs off hot patio stone. Everything is made same as outdoor furniture, so you know it's sturdy and has a rust resistant frame.

Indoors from Ikea (indoor furniture for you and your pet)

A white cat house that doubles as a side table gives your cat a place to sleep and hide, while still acting like a piece of functional furniture. There's also a charcoal grey/black mini sofa for dogs to sleep on.

Other Stylish Products

HomeSense carries an array of dog beds in modern styles. 

Westex  is a new line of pet beds exclusively at Global Pets that come in three colour combinations, and all 3 are available in multiple sizes of flat crate beds, multiple sizes of bolster beds, multiple sizes of dog pillow beds, matching blankets & pillows for human couch.