How to recreate your favourite hotel bedroom at home

Creating the perfect hotel-like bedroom can be easier than you think. The focus is usually on the bed. Starting from the ground up: the frame, the mattress, the mattress protector, the sheets, the pillows and then the duvet/comforter. All this items contribute to the ultimate sleeping experience. Here are some lessons on what to focus on. 

1. The frame

As much as bedding is important let’s start with the frame. I opted for a upholstered headboard because of the idea of leaning against it. Start with something soft to lay your head back.  I like to start with neutral foundation. I like to start this way because your frame is probably also going to be the most expensive item you purchase. This way if you ever wanted to switch up your bedding over time, you could. Accessorize it with colourful shams, accent pillows etc. 

2. A good foundation: The mattress.

Everyone has a different idea of comfort. Your mattress should be your ultimate dream bed. However, everyone has their own preference so when sleeping with a partner spend more time testing it out. Consider two twin/single beds pushed together. I have more couples opting for this due to irregular sleep habits.  A good nights sleep is truly priceless - no one person should be left to really compromise. 

3. Start with the under garments! 

We all love the idea of a super cozy bed with tons of layers. However, we also know all those layers end up on the floor. Be sure to discuss these details with your partner, maybe one of you sleeps hot and one cold. I like to start with a really great mattress protector. For breathability and durability, mine is wool. Then moving to my sheets - keep it natural. I only opt for pure cottons or linens. I also like switching to linen in the summer -again because they breathe. If someone sleeps hot, you have to address the base of it all. Synthetic materials don’t breathe leaving you trapped without any circulation. 

4. Do not compromise - pick your own pillows. 

Pillows can make or break your sleep. Be sure to invest in exactly the one you like. Everyone tends to favour certain kinds.  Some like the gel pillows, foam, feather/down, poly. No one wants to wake up with a kink in their neck. Based on your usual sleeping position there are ones tailored to your every need. Use synthetic “down like” pillows or down pillows for all your decorative ones. They will remain puffy and fluffy for your bed making chores. Then opt for whatever sleeping pillow your heart desires. I like to hide these ones on the bottom and put the pretty ones on top! 

5. All about that top layer. 

The most important part other than your pillows is your duvet or comforter. The thing that is going to keep you in there snug as a bug. If you aren’t sure, then I like to go to local bedding stores and speak to associates that really know their bedding. Really you should only be buying 1-2 duvets over a lifetime if you get the right ones. The good quality ones should last that long. 

When it comes to sheets I like to use a flat sheet, duvet, and coverlet in the winter. The weight of it all is what makes you feel cozy. During the summer months, I opt for two duvets, no flat sheet and no coverlet. One for me and one for my husband because he sleeps hot and I sleep normal. This way no one gets their comforter taken away either! 

6. Finally to the pretty. 

There are a number of different ways to make the bed. I like to start with two sleeping pillows, two shams, two Euro pillows and then maybe decorative pillows. This is where you can have some fun and make it interesting. However, I tend to choose solids in general as I have a hard time stepping out of my comfort zone. Hotels usually use all white everything to make it easy and classic - which you can't really go wrong with.

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