The best artificial plants that will fool anyone that walks into your house

Look at Leaf Count

If comparing two similar choices, higher leaf count means the plant will be denser creating a more lush, tropical feel. This generally means you're looking at a higher price point, but a ultimately a nicer looking and more realistic plant. T

Double check sizes if shopping online

Dimensions from photos online can be hard to gauge because they rarely include people for scale. Make sure to measure the size of the space you're trying to fill before buying - especially the width. Height is usually not as big a concern for floor plants, but width very important because a wider plant means a bigger footprint and more floor space.

Pot not included

Most artificial plants (especially large ones) don't include a decorative pot or planter. Make sure to buy one to fit the space and your style. If your decorative pot is too large to fit plant comfortably, use decorative stones for filler. Also doubles to help balance top-heavy plant.

Remember to Clean!

Plants will need dusting and occasional cleaning. Wipe leaves clean with a damp cloth as needed.

UV Treatment (Outdoors)

If looking at artificial plants for outside, make sure to look for UV treated choices so they don't bleach in the sun. Dramatically extends their useful life.


Fejka – $15.99 at Ikea  |  Smycka – 9.99 at Ikea  |  Fejka – $9.99 at Ikea  |  Fejka $49.99 at Ikea  |  Fiddle Leaf – $149 at Structube  |  Areca – $169 at Structube  |  Taro - $43 at Structube  |  Orchid $45 at Structube  |  Dracaena - $133.99 at Wayfair  |  OFFIDIX artificial plants for home and office $25.55 at Amazon  |  Nearly Natural Agave Plant $91 at Amazon  |  Uland Light Green Boxwood Hedge $99.80 at Amazon  |  Artifical Hedge $225.48 at Amazon  |  Nearly Natural Fiscus Tree $117.00 at Amazon  |  Palm $99 at Structube  |  Ficus Leaf $65 at Structube

All real plants provided by Sheridan Nurseries