How to shop like a designer and stop second guessing your choices

Shop outside your comfort zone

Go for smaller items, like chairs, that are a bit more daring. Velvet might not be something everyone thinks about using, but it is elegant and luxurious all at the same time. I wanted to choose chairs that were “trendy” and maybe a bit unexpected. 

Don’t agonize

Designers move quickly, and the moment they spot something they like, they know it's the one. Pieces with texture, but still neutral tend to stand out. Designers move very quickly and always trust our guts. If you spend more than 30 seconds debating, that is a sign it isn’t right for you. It might be something you like but not necessarily the right piece for your space. Do not settle for it, you have to love it right from the beginning. 

Think about your space 5 years from now

A lot can happen in five years, so if you want to style to last, keep  it timeless, classic and overall gender neutral. This makes it easy to incorporate any other details, like more feminine or masculine or even trendy pieces when you want. Spend more money on larger pieces that you are going to use every- single - day, like your sofa! Invest in better quality for those items and you can choose cheaper price points for smaller things like pillows and accessories. 

Know your stores

Do some online perusing for not only furniture but accessories too. Broaden your scope. Even the stores you think are out of your price range often carry some affordable accessories. Don't limit yourself. 

Be prepared

Always have your floorpan and measurements on hand. We need to be prepared incase we stumble across the perfect piece. Make sure you also bring a tape measure with you and maybe a piece of fabric of either a pillow you love or the sofa colour. Also, have an album on your smart phone of pictures of the rooms you are shopping for. 


Coffee table, Elte Mkt  | Chair, Elte Mkt  |  Books, Elte |  Crystal Orb, Elte Mkt  |  Floor lamp, Elte  | Brass Obelisk, Elte  |  Brass Sculpture, Elte  |  White Bowl, Elte  | Small decorative box, Elte  |  Wave Bowl, Elte  | Wood stool, Mobilia  |  Fabric Chair, Mobilia  | Accent Chair, Elte  |  Velvet Gold Pillow, Tonic Living  |  Chalk Pillow, Tonic Living  |  Onyx Pillow, Tonic Living  |  Striped Black Pillow, Tonic Living  |  Cream and Grey Rug, Tonic Living  |  End Table, EQ3  |  Planter, EQ3  |  Area Rug, EQ3