Learn how to turn some else's trash into your own personal treasure

Sebastian Clovis and Samantha Pynn were given the challenge of turning an antique market find into a stylish, treasured item for less than $300. While Sebastian's wine barrels turned chair and lamp isn't for the average person (though it was amazing - you definitely need to see it to believe it), Samantha's restored desk is something anyone could tackle in a weekend. 

When planning your next DIY, be sure to choose the right type of paint. Samantha Pynn shares her advice for getting the best results every time.  

Spray Paint
Great for lamps and other small jobs, like side tables. You will need to make some kind of spray booth and definitely don’t paint near your car!
Milk Paint/Brush Painted
Great for pieces that are unfinished or that have been striped and sanded natural wood. The paint will absorb into the wood. The finish looks look man-made but it doesn’t feel like it was done by a machine. Milk paint can have a slightly chalky texture.
Spray Lacquer
The finish is smooth, hard as nails, and it feels like your bought it on a showroom floor or from a factory, chip resistant. This is the best way to paint over existing finishes, MDF, and veneers. 

Professional Spray Painting by: Benjamen Furniture Refinishing