How to revitalize your pale, parched yard

You don't need a green thumb when you have fabulous gardening hacks to keep things looking fresh! Keep your lawn looking lush and green this summer with these tips from Owen Reeves.

Keep your lawn healthy with a great sprinkler system.

  • Gardena Full or Part Circle Silent Sprinkler, Home Depot, $37.99.

Keep your trees and shrubs hydrated with a slow release watering bag

Keep your garden beds hydrated with an irrigation system.

Easy Watering Hacks

  • Take a wine bottle and fill it with water.
    Placed the bottle upside down into your garden container.
    The water will gradually drain as the soil starts to dry out.
  • Make your own irrigation system with a 2lt pop bottle.
    First you want to punch some holes in the cap of the bottle and screw the cap back on.
    Then you want to cut the bottom of the bottle and place it upside down in your  lawn or garden.
    Fill the bottle with water and it will gradually drain as needed.
  • Re-use cooking water or water from your dehumidifier to water your garden.

Non-watering options

Synthetic Grass is a great option for a low-maintenance lawn. RYMAR has a wide variety of synthetic grasses, perfect for different aestethics, and purposes.

Today’s featured grasses:
EverBlade 80 - Deep Rich Colour Dark Green and Lime Green with an extremely soft fibre that offers a wonderful fullness under your feet.
UltraBlade 75 - C shaped 3D textured yarn that is rigid to the touch. The colour is a bright field green with a hint of Lime to mimic natural grass. This product is wonderful for high traffic areas. 
Rymar 81 - This has been the go to product for every application from Backyards to Pet areas across Canada. The fibre is a medium firmness with Consistent natural blend of field green and olive green. This product is great for every application. 

And, if you have dogs, ZEOFILL will become your best friend when it comes to synthetic lawns. Zeofill is a natural substance made from volcanic ashes. When applied over synthetic grass, it helps to soften it, as well as wick up any excess moisture, including dog urine. It’s a must!