The winter organization tips that everyone needs in their life

Why wait till spring to start cleaning your home? Designer Kasia Waloszczyk is here to give you the winter organization tips that'll save you time and energy once spring rolls around!

Get rid of stuff that's old 

A good indicator of when you need to get rid of linen or clothes is when you notice holes or if the people around you notice it deteriorating as well. Sell stuff you don't need, you'd surprised how much money you can make by getting rid of the things that just sit around your home all day.

Bathroom organization 

The bathroom of any house can easily become a mess with empty bottles of shampoo and backups hiding underneath the sink. Acrylic organizers are great for storing your items because they're see through and ensure that everything has a place where it belongs.

Kitchen pantry organization 

A lot of snacks and foods tend to come in excessive packaging which takes up space in a pantry. A great tip is to put everything into clear canisters or jars, you'll still be able to see everything! Chalk labels are also great to label them so you don't have to guess what's inside. 

Office/car organization 

Keep a folder in your car so you can store all your receipts! At the end of the month,  make sure you empty it and then put them in a binder. Keep a binder with all your receipts from groceries, gas, shopping etc. Write down your total at the end of each month to keep track how much you’re spending throughout the year! The folder will also help from getting receipts everywhere.