The Top 5 Weight-Loss Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

The top five mistakes people make while trying to lose weight:

  1. Setting an unrealistic goal (ex. losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks)
  2. Not making a plan (for setbacks too!)
  3. Following fad diets (ex. souping)
  4. Focusing on cardio only, and not strength training for fear of “bulking up”
  5. Not getting enough sleep

Avoid these mistakes and stay on top of your weight loss goals by folllowing Dr. Oz's five best tips!

  1. WRITE DOWN A CONCRETE GOAL. We are 10X more likely to be successful if we seek realistic, attainable goals.
  2. MAKE IT PUBLIC. Publicly declare your resolution to gain partners and be accountable.
  3. ARRANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT.Arrange your environment to help, rather than hinder you. Make it easy to do the right things by automating and avoid trigger situations
  4. SET ASIDE TIME FOR SLEEP Do whatever you can to get 7.5 hours sleep each night.
  5. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Track your progress by recording or charting your changed behavior.  Research indicates that such “self-monitoring” increases the probability of keeping the resolution.


Dr. Oz