Three exercises that can improve low body pain

Sue Hitzmann, Creator of MELT Method shows us how to get up and move, and relieve ourselves of constant low back, and low body pain. 
The seated posture is causing big health issues, and one big issue that results is the destabilizing of our hips.This can cause issues like incontinence as well as back, hip, and knee pain. Simple moves take just a couple minutes and it’s great to do before you exercise or go for a walk so you reduce your risk of injury and get the most out of your activity!
Step One – Glide and Shear the Side Hip

  1. The first step is to restore hydration in the fascia around the hips before reintegrating hip joint stability.
  2. The fascia around these are the muscles in our hips are what keep our knee aligned when we walk.
  3. Sitting causes fascial dehydration and when fascia in our hips is dehydrated hip instability increases. 

Step TwoSide Leg Lift

  1. Side Leg Lift - this restore neurological stability in the deep hip.
  2. The secret is the set up and focus on positioning.
  3. Two Simple Reintegration techniques - hip rotation, hip adduction. Slow, only 4 reps.

Step ThreeInner Thigh Lift

  1. Our inner thigh is actually part of our core system - in MELT we call it the rooting mechanism.
  2. When we sit with our legs crossed it can alter the timing and strength of these vital muscles that help again keep our pelvis, hip joint and knee aligned when we walk.
  3. To reintegrate the timing of the rooting mechanism again, the setup is key.
  4. Then simple slow moves to improve the control and timing of these stabilizing muscles. It only takes 4 repetitions to reintegrate the timing.