Simple morning workouts that will get you motivated for the day

If your mornings feel unfulfilling, it might be time for a change! Adding in a morning workout will create a solid routine for your day and help you feel more motivated. Fitness Expert Lara Marquez shared the best morning workouts that will help you stay active and tone those muscles!


If you're looking for a way to stretch your whole body and activate your blood flow, this is your answer! Sun Salutations is a 7 step yoga position which you can start by standing upright on a mat with both feet facing forward. As you begin to bend your body forward, allow your hands to touch your ankles or the floor. Then, move your hands forward to bring your body to a plank pose and then to an upward-facing position. Eventually, you can move to a downward dog position with both toes pointed towards the front of your mat Doing 10 sun salutations is a great way to get encourage energy flow while also giving your body the boost it needs to start a workout.


Another amazing way to warm up your body is by doing 20 seal jacks. This exercise will help open up your chest and shoulder muscles while also getting your heart rate going! To start, stand with your feet together and your arms extended out in front of your chest. Then, move your feet out to a wide stance by stepping or jumping with your palms separating and opening your arms to a T. Lastly, move your feet and arms back together. 


Doing 10 walkouts will help burn fat while engaging your core and arm muscles. If you're looking for a challenge that will further activate your core, use your stability to do a mountain climber on each side. You can continue to walk on your hands again into a low squat or a standing position. 


Before every workout, all boxers spend about 15-20 minutes shadowboxing. This exercise includes using light weights, between 2-5lbs, and engaging your core by throwing 20 jabs and straights on each side. When doing this, your aim should be for the height of your head at the end of your extension. You will definitely feel the upper body burn, but this is one of the most effective ways to tone up!


In comparison to regular sit ups, boxers sit ups add a bit more of a challenge. Lay down on your mat, bring your hands to your face and perform a sit up. When you reach the top of each sit up, extend your punch from each arm and then lay back on your mat. If this doesn't get you ready for your day, nothing will!