How to match your workout with your personality so you actually stick with it

Different types of workouts can appeal to some people more than others. You might think you're going to love yoga just because your best friend does, but we all know there isn't a one-size-fits-all fitness plan. Instead, take a quick look at your personality and your fitness goals, and explore your options. Fitness expert Nik Vasilyev breaks down some of the varieties out there, and explains who might be best suited for them.

Self-guided programs

This is for someone who likes to learn by doing. They may need a little guidance on technique but ultimately  work well following a set program based on their goals, then switching to another one as their fitness needs change. If you're self-motivated and don't like adhering to other people's schedules, this is for you. 

Low impact classes

The intensity of these classes don’t change too much,  so you quickly learn what to expect and get in a comfortable routine. Great for anyone who likes things to move at a nice steady pace, and have challenges build slowly. If you're hesitant to try more high-impact classes like Cross-fit, then starting here is a great way to work up the momentum.

High impact classes

Think cross fit, cross training, an advanced boxing class, or find a very strict bootcamp class - these are for the people who like high-intensity workouts and really feeling the burn. You'll be around other like-minded go-getters, people who like to push themselves beyond their limits, so if you like a little friendly competition, seek out your nearest gym.

Careful guidance

If you prefer a more technical approach, or perhaps if you're recovering from an injury, hiring a personal trainer is a great way to get a tailored workout that specifically meets your needs. It’s focused on learning and having someone guide you to obtain results. They will push you in order to see progress, and by building an honest relationship with your trainer you can really get down to the core of your fitness needs.