The easiest ways to incorporate meditation into your life on a daily basis

We all have things we worry about, and perhaps you have tried to keep worries at bay by doing something to ‘zone out’ like binge watching TV, but there is still a piece of your brain that knows the worry hasn’t gone away. The same is true for any type of self-medication – drugs, alcohol, shopping or food.

Pick a worry time and place

Pick a time of the day when you will worry and make it consistent. This will teach the brain that it will get its chance and it will eventually begin to ‘hold’ worries in your subconscious until you have reached your prescribed worry time. When it is worry time, invite those worries into your subconscious. For most people, I recommend afternoon or evening.

Typically 30 minutes is the prescribed length of time, but I have found some people only need five minutes.

People think mindfulness is just about attaining a ‘zen’ state. It is the act of consciously become aware of what’s happening in the present moment.

Yes traditional mindfulness meditation can help people to find a stillness and presence that is lacking in modern lives. But sitting on a cushion quietly and observing the present moment leads to a state of peace and keeps anxiety at bay.

You can apply mindfulness to any area of life, walking, doing dishes or tying your shoes. But once in a while I found it helpful to dedicate specific time to focusing on the present moment. I call this thought stream meditation and all you need is a quiet comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed for 12 minutes.

Set a timer for 12 minutes, and read a guided meditation. I have these on my Facebook page, but there are many different ones. Walk yourself through the meditation and if you finish the instructions before the timer goes off, just rest in mindful silence.