Your Ultimate How-To Guide To Achieve Perfect Beach Waves

Beachy waves are the ultimate summer hairstyle! It's a pretty, yet easy look that screams summer. Aaron O'Bryan is here to help you get the tousled, beachy look you need for summer! Three viewers are here with amazing beachy hair, courtesy of Aaron!


  • For Allison, he used a 1”1/2 inch barrel curler because for her medium to fine hair, it creates width and therefore volume- a golden rule is, the shorter the hair the smaller in size you should go with your curler.
  • Since her hair is not too fine (because it will break) and not too thick (don’t need it) a great trick for added volume is using a tail comb.
  • After you curl your hair you take hair from one inch over the root and pull the brush down towards the scalp but you don’t take it from the very top cause you’ll break hair, you repeat that till you get cushion, you smooth it out lays under the hair so it creates a bump.
  • Sephora Bump Boar Teaser, $10.00



  • The trick for Carly’s volume is using a flat iron. When you add a flat iron curl it expands the curl outward, opens everything up and therefore creates volume.
  • You just take one section, turn 180 degrees and pull. The quicker you go the less curl you’ll get so if you want more curl and volume take it slower. Also, a trick is to take the front of hair and curl it away from face if you want more volume.
  •  For hair like Carly- its fine but shorter, a Beach spray can help hold the curl. A great one is the LUSH Sea Spray, $13.95. It adds texture to the hair which makes it look modern.



  • Aaron wanted to play with natural curls. To get volume without the flat frizz- go for a hair dryer and diffuser.
  • Lot of people just do it side to side which doesn’t results in big bouncy curls.
  • The trick is to turn the head up side down toss hair forward it revives curls and dries roots which creates the volume. If you neglect top part of hair you end up with flat hair. 
  • A curl cream is what will help you keep the volume if you have naturally curly hair.
  • A great one is LAKME curl balm, $22.00
  • It defines the curls, keeps it full without making it look crunchy and minimizes the frizz in the summer heat