The ultimate work-week meal plan

How often do you have great intentions on Sunday to make dinner each night of the week, only to be ordering takeout by Wednesday? Finding the perfect recipes to keep you excited about being in the kitchen can be a struggle, so our team of culinary experts cooked up the perfect meal plan that's full of flavour and unlike any of your standard weekday dishes. 

Chefs Rodney Bowers, Clodagh McKenna, Roger Mooking, and Christine Cooking have done all of the hard work by mapping out your entire week for you, so you can save your energy for the kitchen.

Hit the grocery store with our ultimate shopping list, and then get cooking!

Monday: Slow cooked ragu and winter green salad with orange blossom dressing

Tuesday: Sheet pan chicken drumsticks with zucchini and peppers 

Wednesday: Allspice pork chops ​and spiced potato wedges with creamy harissa drizzle

Thursday: Fantastic fridge fried rice

Friday: Fresh-made deep dish pizza or pan-fried pizza using store-bought dough

Special thanks to Caesarstone Canada for our new kitchen countertops!