Five steps to growing perfect produce in your own backyard

With spring and summer right around the corner, it’s prime time to get that vegetable garden going. Everyone knows the fresher the veggies the better in any meal, and so taking the time to grow produce in your own backyard is super worth it in the long run. Gardening expert and self-described plant geek Owen Reeves is here to give you a lesson in just that – the five steps to growing perfect produce and other advice on keeping your veggies in tip top shape!

Step one: Soil for success

It’s no secret that plants need great soil to thrive, and Owen recommends PRO-MIX Organic Vegetable and Herb mix for enhanced growth and yield. It’s well suited for vegetable and herb gardening, and works well for growing in containers or in in-ground gardens. With My-Coactive technology, it grows plants 20% bigger and healthier, and ensures optimum aeration and provides extra drainage.

Step two: Nurture their roots

To give your new plants the best chance possible at growing big and strong, they need some PRO-MIX Root Booster! It encourages quick establishment of the roots of transplants and enhances growth to create strong and healthy plants. With a high phosphorous formula, it will help reduce plant shock and make their planting as smooth as possible. Owen also recommends PRO-MIX Stim Root, a fantastic product that encourages quick establishment of roots of cuttings, and stimulates rapid growth.

Steps three: Get growing, get blooming

While all veggies need sun, some need more than others. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans and cucumbers definitely need full rays in order to grow to their full potential, whereas leafy greens, beets radishes, rhubarb, Brussels sprouts and leeks can still grow in less-than-full sun. Expect them to take a bit longer and grow a bit smaller – but tips like these can help you figure out exactly where to plant your upcoming veggies.

Using PRO-MIX Organic Fertilizers, which are ready and easy to use, you can get plants and vegetables that are two times bigger. They’re premium quality and come in Liquid, Water Soluble and Granular, making them the clear choice for the job.

Step four: Protect your plants

With a Wilson Bug X Insecticidal Soap, you can keep those pesky pests away without harming your plants. By controlling insects like spider mites, aphids, and whiteflies, this product is super reliable and a must-have. Formulated with surfactants to stay wetter longer, it’s super easy to use with an adjustable trigger sprayer!

Step five: Harvesting

You’ve done all this hard work, and your plants and veggies look beautiful! Now it’s time to collect the rewards – and we have some tips on how to get the absolute most of your plants. Harvest in the morning – that’s when plants are the least stressed, and have the most water in them, meaning a longer shelf life (especially for greens). Also, avoid walking through dewy or wet foliage; wait for things to dry out a bit so as not to spreads disease (especially to peppers, peas and tomatoes). Finally, a small, sharp knife is the best harvest tool – it can be used on almost anything from eggplant to lettuce. Small clippers are great too!