The best beers to pair with every type of cheese

We all know wine as the classic pairing for a vast selection of cheese, but our resident cheese expert, Afrim Pristine, is here to change our habits and make the case for swapping out your pinot for a good dark ale. 

A general rule of thumb with beer and cheese pairings is that you always want to pair big, bold flavors in cheese with the same intensity of flavour in the beer. You want to create a balance. A bold beer will trample a mild cheese and vice versa. 
Perfect Pairings
American Indie Pale Ale and a Three Year Aged Cheddar.
The medium bodied ale and medium bodied aged cheddar work very well, as they are both similar intensities. The cheddar is flavorful, rich on the palate, and almost coats your mouth. The acid in the ale cuts through the richness and the hops from the beer really bring out the umami texture quality of the cheese. This is a classic combination and perhaps the best of the five.
Dark Porter and Blue Elizabeth Blue Cheese.
You could have this pairing as a dessert if you want. A blue cheese is a great way to end a meal, and this specific blue isn't overly intense or bold. The medium bodied but salty cheese works well with the rich, thick dark porter. The porter is smooth and lush in terms of texture, and the blue actually has a lot of texture, with nice little salt bits. The porter will even out the blue and not make it feel so intense on your palate. Served with spanish marcona almonds is a perfect trifecta, which is also a favorite of Marilyn's.
Fruit Infused Beer and Oka
Oka is a washed rind cheese that has been made from the same recipe for 125 years - the longest history of any cheese in North America! The washed rind will always give a slightly funky aroma and flavor, and it's got the perfect amount of stink. The fruit beer is perfect with it for the reason that it does take away a bit of the funk from the cheese.‎  This is an especially lovely pairing in the spring when you want a cold, fruit-forward beer. The Oka cheese is also quite meaty and rich, so the acid in the fruit beer cuts through that perfectly.
Light Wheat Beer and Fresh Goat Cheese.
Look no further for the perfect summer pairing. The best goat cheese is always made in the ‎summer where the goats have roamed and have eaten beautiful grass all spring and summer. Fresh goat cheese is youthful, fresh tasting, creamy, and it pairs amazingly with a nice fresh wheat beer. The wheat beer is light, acidic and cuts through the lushness of the goat great. Goat cheese is also a little sour, in a pleasant way, and the beer just enhances that sourness so well.
Belgian Funky Ale with Creamy Aromatic Brie 
If bold flavour is your preffered palte, then this right here is the biggest, dirtiest pairing. A pungent aromatic, stinky creamy brie screams for the ‎same characteristics in a beer. Belgian ales are huge in flavor, with big, bold, aromatic barnyard tones. When the brie is also out at room temperature, the flavor really does open up. Something you want to do is temper your brie and make sure your ale is ice cold. The temperature contrasts work well and helps mellow out the intensity of the brie.

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