How to keep your ice cream from getting freezer burn, and other awesome summer food hacks

When it comes to summer fun, you can always count on food being involved. Whether it's ice cream cones with the kids, or a lively BBQ with all of your closest friends, there are a few easy tricks that can make the best summer eats even better!

Keep your ice cream scoopable

Avoid freezer burn by placing the tub of ice cream in a resealable plastic bag before putting it in the freezer. This extra layer of protection to keep it soft and scoopable.

Corn on the cob, way faster

Place a cob of corn, husks and all, in the microwave and cook for 4 minutes. Cut the bottom of the cob off, and gently slide the husks away and they're ready to eat!

Keep your burgers from getting sloppy

Eat your Hamburgers upside down to minimize the mess. The top bun is much sturdier than the bottom bun, and can hold the weight of the ingredients on top. No more mustard stains on your shirt!

Keep the bugs away

Repel flies and mosquitoes by pressing cloves into the flesh of lemons or lines The smell will keep the bugs away, and let you enjoy the great outdoors without pesky bites.

Chilled wine in a flash

Chill wine fast by wetting a dish towel and wrapping it around the bottle and placing it in the freezer for 20 minutes. It will be ready to toast in no time.

Mango slices without the mess

Peel a mango with by slicing in half and sliding along the edge of a glass. The fruit will slide away and be caught inside the glass!