Two talented home cooks compete for the best Little Potato recipe

The Little Potato Company teamed up with us again for the ultimate creamer potato cook off! After a long search, the competition was narrowed down to Melissa from Winnipeg and D'Andrew from Oshawa. The two brought their A-game to the stage as they had to whip up a winning dish in just 30 minutes. 

The let their culinary talents run wild as they worked on their star dishes, the only stipulation was of course that their dishes had to include The Little Potato Company creamer potatoes. With their naturally buttery flavour, and even sizing that makes them so versitle and easy to cook with - the sky is the limit! And since they're packed with essential vitamins and minerals (they have even more potassium than bananas!) you can feel good about adding them to any dish. 

Ultimately, our team of judges - chefs Michael Bonacini and Rodney Bowers, and The Little Potato Company CEO and co-founder Angela Santiago - had to make the tough decision and choose their winning dish that would have one of the cooks go home with $10,000! 

Melissa made spicy chorizo and potato tacos


D'Andrew made supreme vegan little potatos


We're glad the final decision wasn't up to us! Big congratulations to D'Andrew for taking home the grand prize and winning $10,000!