The ultimate guide to buying in bulk

Buying In Bulk: Buy or Pass?
By Aimee Geroux
There are a lot of things I buy and recommend buying in bulk. I have a large stockpile room full of amazing deals I scored and bought those products in large quantities. Of course there are things we shouldn’t be buying in bulk. You always need to be mindful of expiry dates which differ from best before dates as well as your family’s consumption. I think the one thing I recommend most buying in bulk is fresh meat like ground beef and chicken. These go on sale for rock bottom pricing about 4-6 times a year so I always suggest buying enough during those sales to last to the next sale cycle. To keep them from getting freezer burnt I always individually wrap my chicken then place in a freezer safe bag. With ground beef I divide into 1lb portions and place in freezer safe bags.
BUY: Paper Towels & Toilet Paper
Buying paper products that are used daily in bulk can net huge savings in the long run. Paper towels and toilet paper do not spoil or expire so buying these in large quantities when the price is right is key.
PASS: Whole Grains & Nuts
Whole grains and nuts contain high levels of oils that go bad very quickly. Unless you are doing some serious holiday baking I never recommend buying these in bulk as they will likely spoil long before you can use them all.
PASS: Spices
While spices don’t necessarily go bad they do however tend to go stale and lose their flavour very quickly. After about 6 months ground spices will go stale. To extend the life of your spices I always recommend keeping them in an airtight container like the one they are sold in vs a shaker with an open lid.
BUY: Dry Pasta
Dry pasta has an incredible shelf life. It can last 2-3+ years in your pantry and is said to be able to be frozen indefinitely if you ensure it is frozen correctly and in a deep freezer to prevent freezer burn.
BUY: Light Bulbs
Light bulbs don’t expire and are something we all need and use. I scored an amazing deal at my local grocery store on energy efficient bulbs recently. They were on sale for $3.99 and there was a pad of $3.00 off coupons on the shelf making them $0.99. I stocked up!
PASS: Diapers
Unless you come across an amazing clearance sale you are off buying diapers monthly from Amazon. If you sign up for Amazon Prime you get 20% off diapers. You can save even more buy using their subscribe and save option. PLUS from time to time they will offer $2 - $3 off digital coupons. Further those savings buy finding a diaper rebate on one of the many rebate apps. Shipping is also free for prime members!