The best places to sell your stuff online

Financial expert Kerry Taylor shares how to get the most bang for your buck when selling your stuff online.

The Second-Hand Economy

If you have gently-used stuff sitting around your house, there is opportunity to cash in online. Canadians love second-hand goods. According to Kijiji, Canadians sold 1.85 billion objects in 2015 and earned an average of $883 through these sales. 

For the Family: Try Kijiji

It's an excellent community to sell baby stuff and kid stuff. From strollers to bikes, this site is the way to go to reach a large audience in your local area. It's also a great place to sell a car or rent an apartment, too. I sold my Subaru for over the asking price!
The best stuff to sell on Kijiji includes cloth diapers, kids toys and clothes:
  • It’s a dirty topic, but I bought and sold my daughter’s cloth diapers on Kijiji for over 50 per cent of original cost – try doing that with disposable diapers!
  • Selling gently-used strollers, jeans, and shoes is a win for earning a little cash. Kids grow fast and buyers want your gear to save money. Expect to earn around 15 per cent on clothing, 60 percent on gear, and even more on high-end kids stuff.
Seller Tip: Always clean and launder kids' stuff before posting online. List stains, scratches, and find instruction manuals so buyers are in the know. Check for recalls! The clearest photographs and most honest descriptions sell the stuff fastest and at top dollar. 
Saftey Tip: Use the Kijiji App – it’s free. The Message feature allows buyer and seller to communicate without sharing personal information like email. If you don’t like a seller, your private information is safer. 

For the Collector: Try eBay

If you have gently-used premium goods, consider eBay. From one-of-a-kind designer purses to the latest electronics, this is a great go-to site to sell your luxury items.
The best stuff to sell on eBay includes designer shoes, handbags and dresses:
  • Big designer names like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior sell for top dollar on eBay – sometimes for even more than the initial cost! 
  • Before listing as an auction or as a Buy Now option, follow a few listings with similar items to help price your goods. 
  • Don’t forget to factor your “Seller Fees” into the price, as eBay fees can take a bite out of your profit.
Seller Tip: Proving authentication is key! Always include photos of ‘authentication certificates’, serial numbers, original receipts, store tags, or designer labels to prove you’re selling the real thing.

For the Entrepreneur: Try Shopify

It's now easier than ever to kickstart your own store. From your new baby shampoo to your custom t-shirts, you can personalize your site to match your business brand. More than 243,000 online stores use Shopify to power their online business; costs range from $10 to $180 per month.
  • Shopify is an end-to-end online solution for entrepreneurs
  • Sellers have access to designer storefront themes, secure payment processes and store management of sales, shipping, and refunds
  • Super handy, so you can focus on your business!
Seller Tip: Learn by example and research how other Shopify businesses make the world of selling online and through mobile work. Researching your business vertical and finding your competitors is key to being a successful online entrepreneur.