Three rules to help you find your personal style

Peter shares his three rules for discovering your sense of style. 

The Two Cs: Comfort and Confidence 

The first C is Comfort, but this in not about  fabric. I can give you the most luxurious fabrics, and shape to add comfort in function but this is about adding comfort in own skin.We all have areas we would like to change, but embracing what you have to work with and accenting your positives make a huge impact. 

Once you have this one down, it unlocks the second C; Confidence.

Never Let Age Limit Style 

Most women get overwhelmed when it comes to fashion trends. "How to make them work? Should I be wearing this? Is it too young for me?" All those questions cause everyone to just avoid the trends and
stick to there same old same old basics. It's all about adding one item of the season to your basics. 

I selected the 80s as my trend of the season to focus on. A lot of people can relate to having lived threw this era, and not wanting to go back it. It was an era of opulence, more is more, and bigger is better. But, heres how to do it again, in a more streamlined fashion. 

Select something from that trend that you love, whether it's the colour, pattern, or shape and then look for that one element it in a piece thats been updated..

I chose the bold pink colour, but I selected it in a modern style, a deconstructed blazer.  There's no shoulder pads, no structure, so its not a repear of what it was in the original era. Mix it with classic pieces, like a basic knit and add personality in a stripe pant.

Own What You Wear 

This is where you see the difference between fashion and style.
Fashion is for everyone, but style is for people who know who they are. This is about going for a full head to toe runway look. This is not about being safe, worrying about people say. The key is to know what works for you, and knowing all the rules and then breaking them with precision. 




Top, Zara, $49.90

Skirt, Zara, $69.90

Earrings, H&M, $14.99

Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell, $248





Top, H&M, $59.99

Jacket, Topshop, $65

Pants, Topshop, $95

Shoes, Aldo, $90





Shirtdress, H&M, $64.99

Glasses, H&M, $9.99

Purse, Topshop, $52

Sneakers, ECCO, $170