Chic Summer Fashions That Work At The Pool, And Beyond!

You don't have to take off your swimsuit as soon as you get out of the pool. By wearing it the right way you can take that look and make it work all day long. Alexis Honce is here to show you how to get from the beach to lunch, with only a few changes! 

Colours Of The Season

Female Look:
Bathing suit, Sandpipers, $445.00
Pants, Primitive Culture, $289
Sandals, Winners, $34.99
Purse, H&M, $12.99
Male Look:
Shorts, H&M, $14.99
Shirt, H&M, $29.99
Sunglasses, H&M, $12.99
Sandals, Aldo, $60.00
Watch, Michael Kors, $235.00
Summer Prints: 

Female Look:
Bathing suit top, Old Navy, $25.94
Bathing suit bottom, Old Navy, $24.94
Shorts, Sporting Life, $68.00
Blazer, Topshop, $120.00
Shoes, H&M, $39.99
Sunglasses, H&M, $9.99
Male Look:
Shorts, Old Navy, $26.94
Polo, Sporting Life, $98.00
Sunglasses, Sporting Life, $274.99
Shoes, H&M, $19.99
Sleek & Chic: 

Female Look:
Bathing suit, Old Navy, $44.94
Cover up, H&M, $24.99
Skirt, Sandpipers, $150.00
Shoes, Winners, $69.99
Purse, Aldo, $40.00
Sunglasses, FYSH UK, $230.00
Male Look:
Shorts, Sporting Life, $120.00
Tank, H&M, $12.99
Shirt, Sporting Life, $198
Shoes, H&M, $39.99
Sunglasses, Sporting Life, $214.99
Sandals, Sporting Life, $28.00
Watch, Fossil, $189.00

Thanks to Pioneer Pools for providing the amazing pool floats to brighten up the Marilyn studio!