Does your purse always look like a hurricane just ran through it?

Most of us are guilty of just throwing everything into our bags with little thought to organization. Then, when we go looking for that one receipt that we really need, it's nowhere to be found! Alexis took matters into her own hands when she gave three women purse interventions and provided them with the products and tools to keep them organized. 

Purse One
Purse, Winners, $49.99
Card Protector, Simon’s, $5.99
Compact Mirror/Charger, Simon’s, $14.99
USB Cable, H&M, $9.99
Brown Small Wallet- Simon’s, $25
Coin Bag – H&M, $3.99
Striped Bag, Simon’s, $6.99
Black & White Pouch, H&M, $12.99
Grey Printed Pouch- Simons 12.99
Purse Two
Purse, Simon’s, $89
Sunglasses Pouch, Winners, $4.99
Wallet- Winners, $59.00
Pink Pouch, Simon’s $14.99
Makeup Bag, Shoppers Drug Mart, $14.99
Travel Size Products - Shoppers Drug Mart, $4.29-$5.99
Purse Three
Purse, Winners, $49.99
Key Chain- H&M, $4.99
Vitamin Box- Winners, $6.99
Wallet- Kate Spade from Winners, $59.99
Organizer Insert- Miche, $24.99
Printed Clear Pouch, H&M, $3.99