Enter now for a chance to win an LG TWINWash™ System

We rarely approach our laundry pile with a smile on our face, but the idea of being able to do two loads at once has us grinning from ear to ear! The LG SideKick is part of the TWINWash™ system that allows you to have two loads of laundry running simultaneously, and they can even be washed at different temperatures and settings. So, while you've got your towels spinning, your delicates can be soaking, and anything that makes our chore list a little shorter is definitely something to get excited about.

Enter once a day between November 27th and December 24th for your chance to win an LG TWINwash™  System which includes a Front Load Washing Machine (WM5000HVA),  LG SideKick™  Pedestal Washer (WD100CV), an Electric Dryer (DLEX5000V) and a Laundry Pedestal (WDP4K), valued at nearly $5000!