How To Make Your Favourite Beauty Products Work Even Better

Eco expert Candice Batista (@candicebatista) showcases diy beauty hacks to get more from your favourite products.
Add Your Favourite Scents To Your Products
If you are trying to avoid fragrance in products, but have a natural scent you love, why not mix them together? All you need to do is add a few drops of you favourite essential oil to your beauty product and mix! You can do this with a hand cream, body lotion, and body balm. Start with 2-3 drops and build from there.

Design Your Own Lip-To-Cheek Product
This one is so easy, you'll wonder what took you so long to figure this out. Most of us keep a skin salve or lip balm on hand in the wintter, and you can create your own with pure ingredients by simply adding some of your favourite lip, cheek or eye colour to it and give it a mix! You want to make sure that the base is kind of fatty, and then you can customize to your preferred level of colour by simply adding more as you go.

Transform Your Body Wash
Clay masks are all the rage these days, but there's no need to spend a great deal of money.  You can take your favourite body wash or shampoo and then add your choice of clay powder. A green French clay is always a nice choice. Simply add the clay to your body wash using a small plastic bowl and rub it on your body in the shower. Wait for it  to dry, then rise. Use each batch as you make it - it doesn't store well. Clay has very good detoxing qualities, helping to pull impurities from the skin. A good clay face or body mask is very beneficial to the overall health of your skin.

Add Probiotics To Your Skincare
You can use either kombucha, or of course good old green yoghurt, packed with probiotics. Probiotics have a very calming effect on the skin and reduce inflammation.
Using a green French Clay, add some organic Greek yoghurt and mix and apply to the face – as you would a mask, let it dry, and rinse. 

Create A Natural Glow
Most of us have coconut oil around the house, but some don't know how amazing it is for the skin. Take a small amount and add some bronzer to it, mix it and you have this amazing glow oil to use in the winter and the summer!