Statement from Marilyn

Attn: Fans and viewers of The Marilyn Denis Show

It looks like Marilyn/The Marilyn Denis Show have fallen victim to a fake ad posted on Facebook and on various websites endorsing Essence of Argan, and other beauty and skincare products – unfortunately, these types of scams are rampant online. We can assure you there is no connection between CTV/Marilyn and the Essence of Argan products or any other beauty products, nor has Marilyn quit The Marilyn Denis Show. These products were never featured on The Marilyn Denis Show and are NOT endorsed by Marilyn. Marilyn’s image and name, along with CTV’s name, were used without authorization. Please refrain from purchasing or clicking on any ad(s) featuring Essence of Argan or other products that are “endorsed by Marilyn.”

Please note: Anything that Marilyn would endorse would be posted on Marilyn’s/The Marilyn Denis Show’s official website,, which should be used as a reference for all things Marilyn. The Marilyn Denis Show will return for season nine in September.