Jane Lockhart

Award-winning designer, spokesperson, author, and television personality, Jane Lockhart is one of Canada’s best-known experts in the world of design and colour. Jane has been practicing interior design in Toronto for more than 25 years, as principal designer of her firm Jane Lockhart Interior Design. She appears regularly on CTV’s THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW as an interior design expert.

Since hosting and acting as creative director on the TV series COLOUR CONFIDENTIAL, Jane’s expertise continues to grow. She’s a much in demand designer in the luxury interior design business. Jane and her team continue to take on ever-challenging residential design projects throughout the Greater Toronto Area, from architectural, permit-ready plans, to final touches, and over-seeing all parts of the process in between.

Jane also created two furniture lines, Jane Lockhart Platinum, a Canadian-built, eco-conscious, luxury furniture collection and Jane by Jane Lockhart, a soft-furnishings line manufactured by Silva Custom Furniture.

Jane’s design work is regularly featured in regional and national publications in Canada and the United States including Toronto Homes, Toronto Life, Reno & D├ęcor, Active Life, Homefront, and The Toronto Sun. Jane also works her charm on large audiences as a popular speaker at home shows and corporate engagements throughout North America.

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