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Parenting expert Maureen Dennis shows you all the necessities a new mom really needs when shopping for her baby.

Newborn Must-Haves

Parenting expert – Maureen Dennis – www.WeeWelcome.ca

There is so much for baby - what do you really need and why?  Really there 4 categories you need to cover  - There’s clothing, feeding, playing and beauty products… and you are good to go!


Fashion wear for newborns - So many cute fashions out there but what you really need are onesies, sleepers and hats and lots of them! 

Tip: on type of onesies to avoid – the onesies you need to put over the head of the baby
Let’s not forget about socks – you need to keep those baby toes warm… And to ensure they stay on… here’s my fave item – sockson. They hold those little socks in place and you’ll never lose one again!

Product prices

Snugabye Elite, $14/set of 2
BabyGap Sleepers, $19.50
BabyGap Hats, $6.50
BabyGap Socks, $8.50


Bottles - if you plan to bottle feed you will want to make sure you get BPA free high quality bottles

Pump - There are a lot of different reasons to pump but buying a good quality pump will make the process fast and more comfortable for

Nursing Wear - Such a vast improvement on nursing wear makes nursing in public or anywhere easy and more discreet.

Nursing Bras - have also come along way, these are comfortable and sexy too but most importantly work!

Tip - it’s a good idea for new moms is to wait to see if their baby can breast feed before buying nursing items

Product info
BPA free Prince Lionheart Bottle, $10.99
Medela Freestyle Breastpump, $399.95
BumbleWee Mothers En Vogue Nursing Top, $60.00
Cake Nursing Bra, $69.90


Even at a young age you’ll want to stimulate and comfort baby with toys…  starting with a soft chewable teething toy like the sophie or the mushroom. 

Grab toys is perfect for the stroller or car seat… to help baby learn to grab and feel.

And let’s not forget about bed time toy – this is the back to sleep bear - it looks cute and plays white noise plus you can record your voice so when baby is fussy it activates your voice to calm baby down.

Product info
Sophie and Chan Pie Gnon, $21.99 & $17.99
miYim Organic Lovie Blankie,   $15.99
Prince Lionheart Back to Sleep Bear, $49.99 

Beauty products
Diapers – some of the brands have a wetness indicator on them now or you can use a kleenex to tell if your baby has wet the diaper

Cloth Diapers - Cloth is another option many parents are choosing and it’s good to try out and see if it is for you or if you want to combine cloth and disposable.

TIP: if you opting to go with disposable diapers buy a bag or two of the newborn size and also a bag of size 1 just in case

Wipes - Wipes are by far my top must have for new parents, I can't even begin to tell you everything I've used them for! Just trust me you need them and lots of them.  There are also lots of different kinds of wipes so choose the ones that are right for you and your baby – and an option is to try the reusable wipes, it may save you cash in the end!

Tip – gadgets you want to think twice about before buying - LIKE Wipe Warmer – a ton of mothers can't live without, it's not a big deal to me but some find it easier for those middle of the night changes especially that the wipes being warm calm their baby and it helps get them back to sleep fast and I'm always a big fan of anything that helps moms get more sleep.

Product Info
Pampers Swaddlers, $13.99
Bambino Mio Cloth Diaper Intro Kit, $59.95
Pampers Sensitive Wipes, $3.99
Prince Lionheart Reusable Warmies Wipes, $19.99
Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer, $39.99

And my #1 pick for baby basics:

Keeping track - Helpful tips for feeding/changing – journals are a great way to keep track of your baby's feedings and changes

Your baby's health is your number one concern so keeping track of everything when you are sleep deprived can be hard so using another tracking system like the Health Pod helps you keep track of all your doctor's appointment and vaccinations and your questions which we always seem to forget the minute the doctor arrives.

Product info
Glow Baby Baby's First Journal, $15.99

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