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Spending time outdoors with the kids

The author of 'The Nature Principle' talks to parents about the benefits of balancing quality time with the kids between nature and technology.

NATURE PRINCIPLE author Richard Louv

What is NDD??

Most of us desire a fuller life. By its broadest interpretation, nature-deficit disorder is a diminished ability to find meaning and enjoyment in the life that surrounds us, whatever form it takes.

How severe is this problem and what will it amount to?

People are addicted to electronic devices and loosing touch with nature like never before. This has led to a large number of health problems, and will also to continue to erode the environment around us.

So how does Nature Balance, being active outdoors, tells us about the benefits for our children and their future?


Benefit #1  FOSTER A HYBRID MIND – Utilizing both technology and nature experience will increase our intelligence, creative thinking, and productivity

Benefit #2 - Vitamin N - Nature is the effect of a mind/body/nature connection. It will enhance physical and mental health. Including depression and obesity.

Benefit #3: Social Capital - A resurgence in the importance of nature to us as people will enrich and redefine communities to include all living things.

How can we all achieve this nature balance for ourselves and our families?

Here are 3 simple examples (several more listed in the book):

  • adventure walk
  • make outdoor activity a family pastime
  • Build your own outdoor fun - ie: garden together

Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Fri 24 Fab Finds Flash Sale with Alexis Honce