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Etiquette for kids

Tips for Getting Your Kids to Be on their Best Behaviour:

  • Set expectations ahead of time 
  • Teach gratitude
  • Lead by example
Etiquette Lesson 1: How to set the table 
  • Start with cutlery for the appetizer course(fork and knife), main dish (fork and knife) and dessert (include dessert spoon and desser fork)
  • Add glasses: water, white wine, red wine to the right hand side of the plate
  • Add napkin on left hand side of the plate 
Etiquette Lesson 2: How to put a napkin on your lap 
  • Fold it across keeping one part open
  • The folded part will be towards us when on our lap and the open part will face outwards (This allows to wipe our mouths and keep the dirty napkin from staining our clothes) 
Etiquette Lesson 3: How to sit at the table properly 
  • Elbows off the table! You leave your wrists on the table or on your lap
  • Sit up straight 
Etiquette Lesson 4: How to hold a fork and knife properly 
  • Place your index finger on the top of the knife, the same goes for the fork. 
Etiquette Lesson 5: How to get up from the table properly
  • Push the chair back.
  • Always enter or exist from the right hand side of the chair. 
  • Once you are standing, push the chair back in. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012