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Everything Old is New Again
Shopping for antiques can be exciting, fun and inspiring, but those antique markets can be difficult to navigate. Designer, Tommy Smythe, breaks down his shopping tips, plus what treasures to be on the hunt for!

Shopping Tips:
  • Bring the right equipment and clothing
  • Jacket with lots of pockets
  • Measuring tape
  • Notebook with any measurements you might have
  • Lots of cash
  • Map to plan your trip
  • Hat
  • A snack and some water
While you're out there combing through the bric-a-brac you might want to keep one these four categories in mind. Any or all of them can be in a fresh and youthful way, but you need to know what you're looking for and how to use it at home.

Italian Pottery
Rosenthal Netter was an American importer of 20th century Italian hand crafted pottery. Look for their characteristic use of bold and bright colour in modern shapes.

German Pottery
These 20th century artisan made pieces can be found in crazy coloured glazes, but also neutrals. It’s characterized by the rough looking texture and the beautiful glazing. These pieces incorporate seamlessly into a modern setting as a sculptural element; fill them with flowers or keep them empty.

Think of animal and vegetable forms from the English Victorian era. There's a solid green category for collectors that’s perfect for the season and right on d├ęcor trend. Major retailers are now stocking new-production versions of this. Vintage versions can be found at tag sales and markets for a fraction of the price. Look for the gurgle jug – a fish shaped pitcher that makes a gurgling sound when liquid is poured from it. Consider this sort of whimsical table top item instead of the standard glass wine carafes.

Transfer Ware
An English style, mostly in brown, is made in lots of different patterns. We think of pink and blue when we think of transfer ware, but brown hot and fresh. Mix this classic collectable with plain white dishes for a fresh take on the traditional. Use a teapot as an alternative to a vase for flowers for a stylish take on tradition.

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