The Marilyn Denis Show | What You Should Be Buying Right Now For The Best Bang For Your Buck

What You Should Be Buying Right Now For The Best Bang For Your Buck
We all love a good bargain, but how do we know when we're getting the abolsute best price? Retail expert Brynn Winegard talks about the best summer deals, and tells us exactly what we should be buying right now. 

Buy: The Pool Party

  • As the season winds down retailers are clearing out swimwear, beachwear, grills, BBQs, outdoor patio sets—most retailers are looking to clear out summer stuff and get into back-to-school seasonal inventory, so just about everything you’d need for a pool party—cute swimsuit, bbq tongs, patio furniture, plastic toys, floating devices, are all likely to be on sale in July—and increasingly as the season goes on!

Buy: Kitchen & Housewares

  • Wedding season is winding down and retailers are looking to clear out unpurchased registry items like cookware, dishware, kitchen utensils, place settings, glassware, pots, pans, etc.—anything the bride and groom didn’t have purchased for them or the retailer might have over-stocked on.
  • Look for discounts on wedding accessories and decorations as well—retailers want to move wedding and summer seasonal items out and get back-to-school in!
Buy: Gym Memberships & Fitness Classes
  • Good weather brings outdoor activities and lowered gym patronage—bad news for gyms and fitness clubs!
  • Since membership signups are low, gyms are looking to make their quotas
  • Now is the time to buy a gym membership for the year, when demand is low, as opposed to January!
Buy: Laptops & Office Electronics
  • August is when Back-to-school season is in full swing. Some start their BTS stocking in July but many retailers still have discounts to clear out older inventory of laptops, office electronics, personal electronics, and last year’s models of things.
  • Look for last year’s models—newer models will be better priced come late-September, October.
  • Search for back-to-school, back-to-work sales early in the summer until around now—prices will go up as we get closer to September!

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