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We reveal Jeanette & Gareth's fairy tale romance

On day three of our romantic fairy tale couple reveal, Marilyn speaks with Jeanette & Gareth about their 42 year love affair that survived the tragedy of personal loss.

Gareth and Jeanette met in 1969 at a hometown dance in Wales. He was “cheeky” but she finally agreed to dance with him and she says that she was shocked by how they just “fit”. He asked her to marry him on their second date, and she laughed hysterically, although they were eventually married in 1971. They emigrated to Orillia and had their only child, a son.

Because they had no other family here they learned to rely on each other and clear up any problems as soon as they came up. They were a tight unit. Then, tragedy struck, and their son, one day past his 25th birthday, was struck and killed by a truck in London, England on his way home to Canada. This tragedy led them to appreciate every day together.

Then, in 2004, Gareth was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. As she writes, “The day he found out I was working out of town, so by the time I drove home I had a plan. So as I took my beloved husband in my arms and I said. “First we cry, then we fix this and then write a book.” He is now cancer free, and they still plan on writing a book. They don’t have anyone else, but they’ve got each other.

Our secret is that I’m happy and I can’t get over myself. We laugh a lot, we have fun friends. Just a handful of friends who we adore. We’ve gotten rid of all the negative people in our lives.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011